Tips to get started

Take Your Time to Decide

Choosing the right direct selling company is an important decision. It’s great to be enthusiastic about getting involved—this energy will drive your success in the industry—but it’s crucial that you take time to feel totally comfortable with your decision. If one company doesn’t seem like the right fit, explore others. Don’t rush into anything and don’t be pressured by time-sensitive offers. Legitimate opportunities won’t disappear overnight.

Identify a Company or Product that Appeals

Experience suggests that to be successful in direct selling you need to choose a product or service you really love. Sales representatives who love their products are customer magnets, attracting others with their enthusiasm and commitment. When choosing a company, it’s also important to know if they belong to the DSA. It’s your added assurance of a commitment to ethical business practice and consumer protection. 

Consult Others with Experience

Use all the informational resources at your disposal—including personal referrals and internet—to find out what others have to say about the company. It can be a difficult process to separate the reputable information from negativity or rumuors, especially in online media, so it’s important to consider all information in context.

Ask the Right Questions

Before committing to a company, it is important to know answers into such couple important questions about it. To know more read here.

Identify Possible Fraud 

Unfortunately, some people try to use the direct selling method to engage in unethical and illegal activity. There are several warning signs to look out for:

  • The company is not a member of the DSA
  • Pressure to sign a contract quickly
  • Pressure to pay a large sum of money before sales claims can be investigated or legal advice obtained
  • Promises of extraordinarily high or guaranteed profits
  • Claims that profits can be achieved easily
  • A required initial fee which greatly exceeds the fair market value of any products, kits or training
  • A large fee payable before you receive anything in return